Join us as we discuss tailor-made topics especially suited to risk managers in the Thailand market, focusing on Digital Transformation, Cyber Risk, Business Interruption, Natural Catastrophe, D&O Policies, Risk Culture, ERM and more.


Tuesday 22 May

may, 2018

22may8:00 am9:00 amRegistration & Welcome CoffeeMarket Place

22may9:00 am9:15 amPARIMA Bangkok 2018 Welcome AddressAstor I & II SPEAKER(S):

22may9:15 am10:15 amC-Suite Perspectives: Keeping Up With the Needs of Senior ManagementAstor I & II SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: In this complex and dynamic environment we operate in, organisations are required to ride with the waves of uncertainty. As senior management starts looking at risk and organisational sustainability in the longer run, the pressure weighs on risk managers to perform beyond their existing roles and responsibilities. This further emphasizes the need for risk managers to share the C-Suite’s vision and upsize their strategy to keep pace with the growing demand. Hear from our C-Suite panel on how they see risk management positioned in their organisational strategy and help the audience view risk management from the senior management’s perspective.

22may10:15 am11:00 amDigital Transformation in the 4.0 AgeAstor I & II SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: It’s no secret that we are accelerating into an unprecedented era of global disruption, enabled the rise of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things. These technologies are paving new and profound ways for enterprises to innovate, interact with their eco-system and operate more efficiently. However, with accelerating innovation comes new unforeseen risks and unintended consequences for enterprises and for society. This challenge is of particular importance to Finance, Treasury and Risk executives who act as the gatekeepers to financial investments and the managers of corporate risk. In this session, we will explore the major trends shaping innovation in the 4th industrial revolution, implications for enterprises and society and practical steps to prepare for the next wave of disruption.

22may11:00 am11:30 amCoffee BreakMarket Place

22may11:30 am12:30 pmBuilding a Risk Culture in the OrganizationAstor III SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: Sheri Wilbanks from AIG’s Client Risk Solutions will share how innovative technologies and advanced modeling can raise risk awareness at various levels of an organization, improving the risk culture. Dr Sigulla from HDI Global SE will share his experience as a board member on building a risk culture in a global organization.

22may11:30 am12:30 pmDirector’s Obligations and the Role of D&O Policies in ThailandRajadamri II SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: Under Thai law, all directors, whether in private or public limited companies, can be personally liable if they carry out any business that harms the company or its shareholders. They may also be personally liable for any damages or obligations to third parties arising from acts conducted outside the scope of the company's objectives. In addition, Thai law imposes many specific statutory duties that will depend on the nature of the company and its business. In this session, we discuss directors’ obligations under law and what insurance solutions are available to help protect both directors and their companies.

22may12:30 pm1:30 pmNetworking LunchMarket Place

22may1:30 pm2:30 pmRising Risks of Cyber ThreatsAstor III SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: Cyber threats are on the rise and the damages caused by these attacks are escalating to figures beyond belief. The chances of a company falling victim to digital espionage is not impossible. Businesses need to more effectively manage the risks involved and how to mitigate them. Hear from Jessica Wright, the Regional Associate Director of Willis Towers Watson, on ways to combat these attacks. Suraphon Rittipongchusit, Partner from Kennedys Law will be discussing the legislative aspects of the cyber breaches in Asia. Gordon Song, SVP, Head of Group Risk & Internal Audit of Lazada Group, on his views on Cyber Risks and shares his experience keeping them at bay.

22may1:30 pm2:30 pmPreparing for the Inevitable: Safeguarding Against Natural CatastrophesRajadamri II SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: From floods to earthquakes to other natural catastrophes, we are experiencing an increase in the occurrence of these devastating disasters, wreaking havoc across Asia, causing fatalities, wiping out homes and livelihoods, and creating all kinds of economic and social distress and damage. Many Asian cities are experiencing rapid urbanisation and rising economic activity within increasingly concentrated urban and metropolitan areas. As these cities grow, so does the exposure to the risks posed by natural catastrophes widen, affecting people, assets and facilities. Asia’s challenge is to close this protection gap. What is required to ensure that businesses increase their resilient in an increasing uncertainty environment? This panel discussion will be of interest to risk managers, insurer carriers and broker partners as it traverses the following points:
  • Possible gaps in group-level natural hazards resilience and risk mitigation of critical facilities against natural catastrophes
  • Why insurance shouldn’t be the only tool deployed against natural hazards and the importance of having an integrated, ex-ante risk multi-faceted management plan in place
It is expected that at the conclusion of this session participants will be motivated to proactively develop a robust, integrated, risk management plan and improve business resilience against natural hazards in Asia.

22may2:30 pm3:00 pmCoffee BreakMarket Place

22may3:00 pm4:00 pmBusiness Interruption: Why it just doesn’t cut itRajadamri II SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: In a highly interconnected world, organisations are right to be concerned about business interruption. While business interruption solutions offer some level of protection, they may not address all your needs and can leave you with protection gaps. In this session, we explore some of the challenges you may face and how you can better protect your business by:
  • Examining what you think you’re buying compared to what you are actually buying, and the level of protection gap traditional interruption policies present.
  • Considering alterative solutions – Supply chain insurance and risk management.
  • Understanding how you can make your business more resilient against supply chain risks, loan wolf attacks, natural catastrophes etc.
  • Knowing the right questions to ask your broker.

22may3:00 pm4:00 pmRisk Management 4.0 – Staying Ahead in the New EconomyAstor III SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: How do you leverage some of the most advanced risk management tools to ensure that you have sufficiently taken into account your firm’s unique and constantly evolving areas of vulnerability, without spending more than you should to cover them? With the government championing “Thailand 4.0”, which involves transitioning the economy into the digital age, risk managers need to review their approach towards risk management, to cope with the new realities and challenges of doing business. Learn what digitization means for firms and their operations, and how risks and vulnerabilities are transformed as a result. In this session, experts across the spectrum of the risk management community will also discuss how the use of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and other tools will enable an enhanced approach to ensuring exposures are adequately and efficiently managed. These will be analyzed in relation to the findings in Targeting a Technology Dividend in Risk Management, a report jointly produced by Marsh & McLennan Companies and PARIMA. Pick up a complimentary copy of the report at this session.

22may4:00 pm4:30 pmA Risk Manager’s Journey from A to ZAstor I & II SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: Hear Suchitra’s journey from Malaysia to London and back again, charting financial risks, the heavy industries and aviation. As the world around us and industries we work in change constantly, how should the risk management profession respond to the developing risk landscapes we are faced with? Join Suchitra and Jane as they take you on a trip from A to Z, across industries, continents and risk profiles, uncovering some of the greatest developments and challenges in our world today.

22may4:30 pm5:00 pmRisk Manager 2.0 - Not a Bot!Astor I & II SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: (I) Insights on what are the new mindsets, skills and behavior Risk Managers should develop for the next frontier of change (II) Learn practical tips and ways to develop these mindsets, skills and behavior across the 70-20-10 learning model

22may5:00 pm5:10 pmPARIMA Bangkok 2018 ClosingAstor I & II SPEAKER(S):

22may5:10 pm6:30 pmNetworking ReceptionMarket Place

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