Cyber Risk Trust and Digital 

September 27, 2016 | 8 to 10 am

The Landmark, Mandarin Oriental
15 Queen's Rd W
Central, Hong Kong

Today it is no longer possible nor desirable for a company to lock away its information and entrust that a select group of individuals can and will ensure that its information will not be compromised either maliciously or accidentally, whether by competitors, opportunistic hackers, insiders with a grudge, organised crime syndicates or state-sponsored organisations.

The true value of information is now being realised and whether it’s “insiders” with a grudge through to state-sponsored organisations who have given up on the WTO, it is now a certainty that today, someone is trying and probably has subverted the traditional security measures in place attempting to protect an entity's information.

Although the tenets of confidentiality and availability remain critical, the multiple faces of integrity, being trust and truth, are now receiving equal billing in the CIA triumvirate.

Now the challenge is how do we establish the integrity of the controls restricting access to the database, that the network has the ability to provide continuous operations, or that a party certifying an entity or the controls has not been compromised.

Meet our panel speakers

Pierre Noel
Pierre NoelChief Security and Privacy, Officer Huawei
David Piesse
David Piesse Chief Risk Officer Guardtime
Ali Chaudhry
Ali Chaudhry Managing Director of Financial Lines Group Asia JLT
Herbert Cheung
Herbert Cheung Head of Global Broker Distribution, Chubb

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