Overview of the Course

Despite it’s underlying importance, Risk Management is one of the most overlooked must-haves within a company, specially in the Asia-Pacific region. Associated with that, the region currently lacks education and skill development programmes for the field. That is where the PARIMA-ANZIIF CERTIFIED RISK PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION comes in.

The PA-CRP Programme is designed to provide Risk Managers deep insight on the 5 Fundamentals of Risk Management. The course ranges from an introduction to Risk Management to developing a Risk Management strategyand framework. This course will enable the student to:

  • Identify and assess risks
  • Create and apply effective risk management policies and strategic frameworks
  • Manage operational risks
  • Examine risk treatment and financing issues
  • Understand and implement risk treatment and financing processes
  • Understand the links between risk management and allied activities such as compliance, internal audit, assurance and corporate governance, and finally
  • Understand the elements that go into developing a risk management framework.

Learning through a distance could be quite challenging, and to help you get through it, the programme is complete with learning resources provided through downloadable modules, handbooks, and much more.

Upon finishing this course, participants shall undergo an examination to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills. Certification shall be awarded to those who have proved their competency. Upon completing the course, awardees will be able to effectively apply their skills and knowledge to new situations and environments.