PARIMA appoints three new board members

The Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association (PARIMA) appointed three new board members earlier this month.

Ms Rehana Box, who is Sydney-based, is an Insurance Advisory Partner at Ashurst LLP, specialising in insurance law and advisory and retail financial services. She is a leading advisor on insurance in Australia to both the insurance industry and the public and private sectors. She joins Ms Melody Caffin of Raytheon Australia and Kimberley Pelly of Queensland Airports as board members for PARIMA Australia.

Mr Satoshi Hoshi and Mr Takehisa Banno join Mr Takashi Kubo as PARIMA Japan board members. As the Senior General Manager, Risk Management of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mr Hoshi’s role includes implementing the corporation's ERM strategy and is responsible for introducing the first Global Insurance Program for MHI.