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Wednesday 21 June


june, 2017

21jun8:15 am9:00 amREGISTRATION & WELCOME COFFEE 注册和欢迎Atrium Market Place

New Asia Ballroom SPEAKER(S): Stacey Huang, Executive Director - PARIMA
Kelvin Wu, Strategic Initiatives - PARIMA

21jun9:15 am10:30 amOne Belt, One Road - Panel Discussion 一带一路New Asia Ballroom SPEAKER(S): Jingwei Jia, CEO China and Managing Director - Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Sharon Shi, Senior Manager Insurance & Risk - BMW-Brilliance Owen Belman, CEO, North Asia - Aon Moderated by: Clare Wu, CEO - Aon-COFCO Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. DESCRIPTION: China’s One Belt One Road initiative aims to connect “the vibrant East Asia economic circle at one end and developed European economic circle at the other”, which means billions of dollars will be invested in infrastructure projects, including railways, roads, ports, energy systems and telecommunications networks. Given the high profile nature of the project, OBOR initiatives are not only exposed to traditional project risks but also more esoteric issues such as political violence, terrorism and regulatory risk, as China’s influence in the world grows. Join the panel as they discuss the key opportunities and risks associated with the plan to recreate the ancient land and sea silk road trading routes. 中国提出的“一带一路”倡议旨在将充满活力的东亚经济圈与发达的欧洲经济圈连接起来。这意味着数以亿计的美元将被投资用于包括铁路、道路、港口、能源系统和电信网络在内的基础设施建设。 随着中国在世界的影响力日益增加,该项目备受瞩目。 “一带一路”不仅面临传统的项目风险,还面临着更为难解的问题,如政治暴力、恐怖主义和监管风险。 聆听专家对话,一同探讨与重建古老的丝绸之路有关的重要机遇和风险。

21jun10:30 am11:00 amRobotic Process Automation Revolution 机器过程自动化革命New Asia Ballroom SPEAKER(S): Stephen Au Yeung, Partner - Ernst & Young China Advisory

21jun11:00 am11:30 amCOFFEE BREAK 休闲时光Atrium Market Place

21jun11:30 am12:30 pmCyber Security Law and Its Implications 网络安全法及其影响Intercontinental 5&6 SPEAKER(S): Gordon Lee 李鴻鈞, Risk Consultant - Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Larry Liu, Managing Director & Risk Management Practice Leader – Marsh China Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. Moderated by: Maggie Sun, China Risk Manager - Cummins Inc. DESCRIPTION: The Cyber Security Law comes into force on June 1, and is China’s first legislation at the national law level to establish a legal framework for data privacy, data localization, data residency, and data security. This new law cannot be more timely especially with recent global ransomware attacks leaving many enterprises in tears. In an already perilous landscape for cyber security, what implication does the law hold for companies operating in China? What actions must businesses take now to both comply with the law and strengthen privacy and security?

21jun11:30 am12:30 pmSupply Chain Risk in China
InterContinental 3 SPEAKER(S): Tim Mathieson, Risk Director - Yum China 风控部门长, 百胜中国
Peter Jackson, Director Multi-national Clients - Lockton 国际业务部经理,诺德
Stanley Cochrane, Head Property Asia Pacific - Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
Moderator: Sharon Shi, Manager Insurance & Risk Management - BMW-Brilliance 备注:此次会议将中英文并行。
DESCRIPTION: Companies have had to rapidly build out their domestic supply chains in China to support both the fast pace of growth and to ensure quality and consistency of products and services. This workshop outlines the risks that rapid expansion of the supply chain brings as well as the role the Risk Management function can perform in helping the wider business manage supply chain risks. The presentation will be based around a case study of the work Lockton and Yum China (KFC, Pizza Hut, Little Sheep, East dawning, Taco Bell) have done to reduce supply chain risk.



Wednesday 21 June


june, 2017

21jun12:30 pm1:30 pmNETWORKING LUNCH 联网午餐Atrium Market Place

21jun1:30 pm2:30 pmProject Risks for international expansion
Intercontinental 5&6 SPEAKER(S): Mark Chan, Assistant General Manager, Aon-COFCO 陈志雄先生,助理总经理,中怡保险经纪有限责任公司
Dr. Shu Zhang, Medical Director - International SOS China
Dave Kong, Head of Construction Asia - Zurich Insurance
Moderated by Keith Xia - Head of Risk Management, Business Reputation and Responsibility, Global Risk Management - Intercontinental Hotel Group
DESCRIPTION: Total risk solutions on international project life cycle (Design, Financing, Construction, Operation, Closing) 向您介绍涵盖了国际工程项目从设计、融资、建设、运作到结束这一完整生命周期的整体风险解决方案

21jun1:30 pm2:30 pmHow to get yourself prepared for a Recall and understand the risks involved
产品召回,你准备好了吗? - 企业如何充分应对产品召回及相关风险分析
InterContinental 3 SPEAKER(S): Alfred Shum, Regional Head Crisis Management Asia - Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
Suchitra Narayanan Head of Risk & Insurance - Bumi Armada
Moderated by: Jessica Reid, Editor - Strategic Risk
DESCRIPTION: A company can be left in ruins if it does not manage a product recall well. The long-term costs, e.g. loss of a major customer, profits and brand, can be sizeable and will have an immediate impact on the company’s balance sheet. To minimise the costs and mitigate the risks associated with such an incident, companies must proactively assess and manage their product recall risks.
Whether a manufacturer, wholesalers or retailer, the risk only increases as the supply chain grows more complex and new legislation is put in place. When a product does fail, the management of the event is critical to mitigating resulting recalls or liability claims that can be devastating to a company’s reputation and profitability.
Risk Managers should evaluate their crisis management planning and loss prevention to prepare the company’s readiness for a product recall situation.
Is your company ready for a product recall?
当今商业社会中,公司一旦进行产品回收而未能处理妥当,将有机会为此负上沉重的代价 —— 消费者信任度下滑、品牌形象大大受挫,都将导致公司蒙受重大的商业损失。为了有效规避产品召回风险从而最大限度地降低相关成本,企业务必使此类风险得到积极主动的评估和管理。

21jun2:30 pm3:00 pmCOFFEE BREAK 休闲时光Atrium Market Place

21jun3:00 pm4:00 pmCaptives - a Strategic Risk Management Tool
自保公司 - 战略风险管理工具
InterContinental 3 SPEAKER(S): Ludan Wang, Assistant General Manager, Corporate Risk and Broking, Willis Towers Watson
Farah Jaafar-Crossby, Director Market Intelligence and Strategic Communications - Labuan IBFC Inc.
Moderated by: Kelvin Wu, Group Senior Manager, Risk Management and Insurance - International SOS

Captive development in China and other Asia-Pacific Areas and Collaboration with Traditional Commercial Markets
  • The Cooperation between Captives and Commercial Markets
  • Captive development in China and other Asia-Pacific Areas
  • 保公司的应用方式和商业目的
  • 自保公司和企业风险管理
  • 设立自保公司的考虑因素
  • 中国自保市场和环境以及WTW自保实践
  • -自保公司与商业保险公司的合作
  • -自保在中国和亚太地区的发展

21jun3:00 pm4:00 pmComprehensive safety management for construction projects in China 国内建设项目综合安全管理思路探讨Intercontinental 5&6 SPEAKER(S): Kevin Yang, Executive Director - JLT Risk Consulting (JRC) Ben Hazelton, Head of Risk Engineering Asia - Generali Asia Nathan Lee, Risk Engineer - HDI Global SE Hong Kong Moderated by: Steve Tunstall, Director - Tunstall Associates DESCRIPTION: The presentation will focus on the key risks in constructions site, the key business impacts of property loss/fatality accidents , and the solutions to mitigate the safety risks

21jun4:00 pm4:40 pmNatural Catastrophe & Risk Management 自然灾害与风险管理New Asia Ballroom SPEAKER(S): Michael Yu, CEO Zurich Insurance China

21jun4:40 pm5:20 pmThe Changing Security Landscape: A Personal Story 不断变化的安全景观;个人故事New Asia Ballroom SPEAKER(S): Gene Yu, CEO - Blackpanda DESCRIPTION: Gene Yu will discuss the events that occurred during his involvement in the kidnapping case of Evelyn Chang by the Filipino terrorist organization known as Abu Sayyaf in November and December 2013. He will also provide general context and advise on preventative measures for crisis and security in high-risk regions for corporations, with particular emphasis on environments with multiple threat actors, and in particular insurgent groups.

21jun5:20 pm5:30 pmPARIMA SHANGHAI 2017 CLOSING PARIMA上海2017关闭New Asia Ballroom SPEAKER(S): Sharon Shi, Manager Insurance & Risk Management - BMW-Brilliance Keith Xia, Head of Risk Management, Business Reputation and Responsibility, Global Risk Management - Intercontinental Hotel Group

21jun5:30 pm7:00 pmNETWORKING RECEPTION 联网招待Atrium Market Place


Thursday 22 June


june, 2017

22jun10:00 am10:30 amCoffee Break 休闲时光Foyer

22jun10:00 am12:30 pmCyber Security: Responding to a Cyber Extortion Event
Intercontinental 5&6 SPEAKER(S): Andrew Mahony, Regional Director, Asia - Aon
Paul Jackson, Managing Director - Stroz Friedberg, an Aon company
DESCRIPTION: Your organisation is contacted by an unknown hacker, claiming to have found a loophole in your cyber security, demanding payment to prevent an attack; how would you respond? Paul Jackson, a cyber security expert from Stroz Friedberg, an Aon Company and Andrew Mahony, a cyber insurance specialist at Aon, will coach you through the crisis management process and how cyber insurance products can protect your organisation.

This session provides leading insights into the world of cyber threats and how to respond in a crisis situation, as well as information on the latest cyber security trends, events, risk management, and insurance protection.

22jun10:30 am12:30 pmRisk Manager's role in effectively managing a global and compliant insurance program
InterContinental 3 SPEAKER(S): Herbert Cheung, Greater China Head of Market Management - Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty DESCRIPTION: 21st century business is characterized by an ever increasing change of pace. From establishing green field operations and mergers & acquisitions activity, to outsourcing and the growth of the international value chain, new risks are emerging. These drivers require a dynamic and flexible response, with the need for global businesses to focus on those challenges which could impact their assets, revenues, income, recognition and reputation. The role of the risk manager has never been more in the spotlight or more important.

As companies globalize and as the risk management function adapts, many have moved towards a more centralized regime of risk control and management. This in turn has created the impetus for global risk transfer and captive solutions, with insurance carriers expected to provide comprehensively managed solutions combining global protection with the benefits of local delivery.

We will discuss on how to deliver a comprehensive, consistent and compliant solution that covers all the main risks in a cost effective way.

22jun12:30 pm1:30 pmNetworking Lunch 联网午餐Foyer

22jun1:30 pm3:30 pmIntegrated Approach to Managing Your Business Risks
Intercontinental 5&6 DESCRIPTION: Today’s businesses need to manage a multitude of risk issues, often on a daily basis. Marsh experts will guide you through the important areas of risk management to help your organization be better prepared, become more resilient, minimize risk costs, and reduce future claims in an increasingly interconnected and risky landscape.

This exclusive masterclass will focus on the importance of having a fit for purpose enterprise risk management (ERM) framework in place, practical approaches, and how to monitor, manage, and reduce the impact of associated risks, as well as highlight the importance of using data and analytics effectively to understand your risk profile leading to better decisions being made on risk transfer and insurance. This session also takes a look at the practical decisions and steps required to enable risks to be managed on your own terms and have more control over your company’s economic cost of risk through establishing and managing a captive within the overall risk management strategy. It is critical for businesses to remain resilient and respond effectively during adverse times, and as such, insights will be shared on the proactive steps to consider in establishing business continuity plans, as well as case studies on how companies have effectively and not so effectively responded to risk events.

An interactive and engaging session focused on an integrated approach to managing your business risks through practical examples and case studies.

22jun1:30 pm3:30 pmOvercoming the Business Interruption Insurance Challenge
InterContinental 3 DESCRIPTION: With average large BI property insurance claims now exceeding USD$2.2m and accounting for a much higher proportion of the direct loss, it is a top concern for risk and insurance professionals across Asia Pacific.

However, there are a number of challenges that organisations face when purchasing their BI cover, such as getting the values right, calculating the gross profit, identifying the indemnity period, coverage for wide area damage, ensuring adequate supply chain protection and avoiding lengthy claims settlement processes and disputes.

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions invites PARIMA members to join this highly engaging session to understand how they can overcome challenges in establishing their BI cover. Attendees will work through a number of exercises to help them get a better understanding of BI insurance and how to design an insurance programme that delivers claims certainty. This fun and interactive workshop is designed for attendees who want to develop a better understanding of their own BI exposure and learn how to mitigate the risks.

22jun3:30 pm4:00 pmCoffee Break 休闲时光Foyer

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