Join us as we discuss tailor-made topics especially suited to risk managers in the Japan market, focusing on Digital Transformation, Cyber Risk, Business Interruption, Natural Catastrophe, Geo-Political Risk & Regulatory, Human Capital Risk, International Programmes and more.


Tuesday 30 October

october, 2018

30oct8:00 am9:00 amRegistration OpensMarket Place DESCRIPTION: Registration opens at 8am, come down early to visit the booths of our Partners at the Marketplace.

30oct9:00 am9:15 amOpening Speech and Welcome AddressMain Stage SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: The morning starts off with our Chairman and PARIMA Japan Board Member welcoming everyone to our conference. Hear why we are excited to be in Japan for our first ever conference.

30oct9:15 am9:35 amC-Suite Perspective on Risks - KeynoteMain Stage SPEAKER(S):

  • PARIMA is honoured to have Mr Takayuki Ueda as our keynote speaker. Hear from Japan’s largest upstream oil and natural gas exploration and production company on INPEX’s story and how it overcomes risks and uncertainties.
  • Parima東京カンファレンスでは国際石油開発帝石(INPEX)の代表取締役社長上田隆之氏を基調講演スピーカーとして迎えます。日本最大の石油・天然ガス開発企業がどのように将来のリスクと不確実性を克服するのか、INPEXのストーリーを紹介します。

30oct9:35 am10:15 amC-Suite Perspective on Risks - PanelMain Stage SPEAKER(S): Panelists:

  • Steve Tunstall, General Secretary, PARIMA
DESCRIPTION: Hear from C-Suites from Aon, TokioMarine and Lloyds on their view of the market and how Japan is evolving. An insightful panel for risk managers to take note of the trends and opportunities in Japan.

30oct10:15 am10:45 amDigital TransformationMain Stage SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: Digital technologies such as autonomous, AI and IoT are rapidly evolving and the insurance business will be greatly affected by these technologies. Under these circumstances, Sompo holdings have established the SOMPO Digital Lab (Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Tel Avive) and is trying to achieve its digital transformation. In this session, Group Cheif Digital Officer, Koichi Narasaki will explain the digital threats to the insurance business and SOMPO's challenge.

30oct10:45 am11:15 amCoffee BreakMarket Place

30oct11:15 am12:15 pmResilience in a Climate of Geopolitical TurbulenceBreakout Room 1 & 2 SPEAKER(S): Speaker:

  • Hidemi Sato, Deputy General Manager, Treasury Group, Finance Department, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd
  • Hiromi Tasaki, Director & Sales Manager Asia, Enhesa Japan
  • Tomoo Murayama, COO of Marsh Broker Japan
  • Takehisa Banno, PARIMA Japan Board Member, General Manager, Insurance Department, Food & Consumer Services Division, Toyota Tsusho Corporation
DESCRIPTION: According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2018, 93 % of surveyed executives expect political and economic confrontations between major powers to worsen. Under these turbulent circumstances, how do global companies maintain their competitive edge? In this session, Nissan Motors, a renowned global corporation, will share its risk management strategy, then join forces with Marsh for a deep dive into the geopolitical risks surrounding the business environment. We will:
  • Explore direct and indirect consequences for corporations arising from violent and non-violent acts – directed by state and non-state actors.
  • Share how boards and the risk function can mitigate geopolitical risks.
  • Explore how the private sector can build resilience against terrorism, a heightened risk given the major sporting events being staged in Japan over the next three years.
This discussion will benefit risk managers as they prioritize preparedness and business continuity in this climate.

30oct11:15 am12:15 pmInsurance in Tomorrow’s World - Are You Ready?The Air SPEAKER(S): Speaker:

  • Gordon Song,PARIMA Singapore Board Member, SVP, Lazada
  • Steve Tunstall, General Secretary, PARIMA
DESCRIPTION: Digital transformation from hype to reality…. with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), distributed ledger technology and disruptive innovation, this is tomorrow’s world… today. The rapid emergence of IoT has progressed from what was once known as just a futuristic IT buzzword to become reality. This diverse scale of data that is derived constantly transforms how companies assess risk, manage claims, improve business retention and price their policies. New technology trends like blockchain are setting the course for digital transformation. Hear from our distinguished speaker, Hélène Stanway of XL Catlin, share how these new technologies will transform the assessment of risk and opportunities created in harnessing these new capabilities. This session will discuss how IoT, blockchain and other technology developments are transforming risk assessment and the opportunities for risk managers in harnessing these new capabilities. The session will include a deep dive into the benefits of IoT and how it can help risk managers better manage their portfolio of risk.

30oct12:15 pm1:15 pmBento LunchMarket Place

30oct1:15 pm2:15 pmGlobal Business Interruption Risks – Being More Resilient Against Economic LossesBreakout Room 1 & 2 SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: Property damage has been the focus for protecting businesses and the value of business interruption insurance in the event of a serious incident has not been fully realized by Japanese businesses. In this session we will explore:
  • The various cases where there was a protection gap.
  • The financial impact caused by a business interruption and its increasing critical importance compared to traditional property damage, in an environment with increased interdependencies in the supply chain network.
  • Why and how business interruption protection is so indispensable and how you can better protect your business:
    1. By Understanding why business interruption risks become so serious compared to traditional property damage.
    2. By learning how to respond to business interruption risks on a global basis and appreciating the different ways it is handled by between Japanese companies compared to Western companies.
    3. By considering alternative solutions in a context of risk transfer and risk prevention (Insurance and Risk Engineering Services).

30oct1:15 pm2:15 pmHuman Capital Risks & Diversity: The Workplace of the FutureBreakout Room 1 & 2 SPEAKER(S): Speaker: Jacqueline Legrand - CEO, Brokerslink AG Panelists: Jacqueline Legrand - CEO, Brokerslink AG Danny Lin, PARIMA Board Member, AVP, Human Resource Management, Qisda Corporation Moderator: Stacey Huang, Executive Director, PARIMA DESCRIPTION: Human Capital Risks & Workforce Diversity are increasingly moving up to the priority list of the company’s board agenda around the world. The combined effects of ageing workforce, talent shortage and millennials expectations make it challenging companies to adjust their workplace to both accommodate long-serving employees and attract new talents. At the same time, we see strong incentives towards gender diversity in corporations across the Board. Companies are going through significant cultural transformation and facing new set of risks - as a result, the implementation of adequate Human Capital Risk Management has become a requirement to support the growth of modern businesses.

30oct2:15 pm3:15 pmBridging The Gap Between Cyber Security And Risk Management401 SPEAKER(S): Speaker:

  • Suchitra Narayanan, Group Head of Risk, Air Asia
DESCRIPTION: Cyber Risk is no longer an IT issue – it is an existential threat to companies.  Responsibility for managing the cyberthreat has moved increasingly to CROs and their risk teams.  A top-down approach with an executive buy-in as well as the active participation of all key stakeholders is mandatory.  Aon’s Rocky Koyanagi reflects on his own journey from cybersecurity to risk and how his experience can help risk managers to break down the silos that still exist in many organizations, by introducing a shared approach to risk prevention, transfer and response.

30oct2:15 pm3:15 pmThe Risk Manager’s Challenge: Central Control of Diverse Global Risk – The International Insurance ProgramBreakout Room 1 & 2 SPEAKER(S): Speakers:

  • Jens Wohlthat - Member of the Executive Board, HDI
  • Satoshi Hoshi - PARIMA Japan Board Member, Senior General Manager, Risk Management Department, Business Strategy Office, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Ltd.
  • Harald Schuster - Managing Director, Daimler Germany
  • Franck Baron - Chairman, PARIMA
DESCRIPTION: The challenges of an ever-changing economic, legal and regulatory environment do not stop at the risk managers door. The tiniest interruption of the global supply chain, being it due to manmade or natural events, may lead to major interruptions of one’s own business. The international insurance program, if managed well, can be an important instrument in the risk manager’s tool box in coping with uncertainty. In this workshop, seasoned risk managers will share how have they approached the challenge and lessons learned, from a distinct Japanese and European point of view.

30oct3:15 pm3:45 pmCoffee BreakMarketplace

30oct3:45 pm4:45 pmART and Captives401 SPEAKER(S): Speakers:

  • Andre Martin - Head, Innovative Risk Solutions APAC, Swiss Re
  • Fumio Uesugi - Captive Specialist, Willis Towers Watson
  • Nobuyuki “Kammy” Kamohara - Head of Risk Management,Terumo Corporation
  • Richard Green - Regional Head of Alternative Risk Transfer (ART), Asia Pacific, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE
  • Kelvin Wu - Treasurer, PARIMA & Group Assistant General Manager, Risk Management and Insurance, International SOS
DESCRIPTION: Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) methods, including captives, have a role to play in a company’s risk financing strategy. Come find out the current state of play and the relevance of captives in the Japanese market, and also hear from our panelists on how other ART methods can be utilized in addition to captives, particularly given the exposure to natural catastrophes in the country and region.

30oct3:45 pm4:45 pmInnovative Tech For Risk ManagementBreakout Room 1 & 2 SPEAKER(S): Speaker:

  • Sheri Wilbanks - Global Innovation Lead, AIG
  • Genevieve Gonzalez - Director, Professional Services, Asia Pacific, Ventiv Technology
  • Domenic Bell, Senior Vice President, Product Management, International SOS
  • Maxwell Davis,PARIMA Singapore Board Member, Enterprise Risk Manager, Asia Pacific Rolls-Royce
DESCRIPTION: This session will discuss how technology advances are equipping risk managers with better risk quantification tools. From IoT enabled sensors to supercomputing and artificial intelligence, attendees will learn what is available now and coming in the future. Two concrete examples will be shared:
  1. connected sensor technology for quantitative ergonomic assessments
  2. advanced natural catastrophe models.

30oct4:45 pm5:30 pmFireside Chat with a Global CEOMain Stage SPEAKER(S): Speaker:

  • Stacey Huang, Executive Director, PARIMA
DESCRIPTION: From the Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami to Arab Spring, International SOS has been in the business of saving lives for more than 30 years. International SOS is uniquely positioned as the world’s leading medical and security assistance company who help organisations protect the well-being of their employees. Find out more from Arnaud Vaissié, the Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO behind the company, as he shares about his risk journey as an entrepreneur and how he has managed the risks and growth of the organisation as it has evolved.

30oct5:30 pm6:15 pmSustainability and Culture in JapanMain Stage SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: Todai-ji Temple, an iconic symbol of Japanese culture, is the most ancient organization, which has functioned effectively for long term of 1300 years. Todai-ji Temple represents hope and passion and a very tight bond between its leader and people. Technological advances that have been made in recent years have impacted people’s livelihood and changed their workstyles. Let us ask ourselves about what is required for our leaders to survive and maintain sustainable organizations for the coming ages. While we focus on “humanity”, we will learn valuable tips on universal and sustainable management form the case of Todai-ji Temple, which has faced off against many of the risks.

30oct6:15 pm6:30 pmClosingMain Stage SPEAKER(S):

DESCRIPTION: Our Japan Board Members closes the conference and will unveil where PARIMA 2019 Conferences will be.

30oct6:30 pm6:30 pmPARIMA Networking Reception ( Sponsored by Marsh )Level 3 - Frank Bar DESCRIPTION: Join us for a networking session reception at Frank Bar on level 3.

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