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The PARIMA-ANZIIF Certified Risk Professional is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge and practical application of risk management. Risk Managers will develop skills that is needed to approach responsibilities with confidence.

Why is Certification important?

Gain a competitive advantage

Earn Credibility & Respect

Demonstrate competence in risk management by having a certificate that recognizes your expertise

Show Professional committment

Recognizes your personal commitment towards the professional development.

Evidence High Standards

Being a certified risk professional is a measurable way to show a high degree of standards in your risk practices.

Who is it for?

The PA-CRP is designed for those:

  • Seeking professional certification to supplement their existing expertise

  • Looking to establish credibility within their organisations and among their professional peers

  • Looking to develop their skills or those of their staff

  • Wanting to understand risk management practices in organisations

Receive your certification in 5 steps!

Read program description and eligibility criteria to view important information that will help you be a successful candidate.

Submit your application online with all required documentation

Successful applicants will receive username and password to their online learning portal where they can download study materials and practice questions

Choose an examination date, prepare for it and take the 2.5-hour online examination consisting of 125 multiple choice questions.

Upon passing, successful candidates will receive their certification card and acknowledged as a PA-CRP holder!

Program Design

  • PA-CRP Objective

    Built by risk experts and professionals in Asia Pacific, PA-CRP reflects the aims of PARIMA to establish a leading standard of education and validation in the Risk Management profession.

  • What does PA-CRP Cover?

    The 5 modules below have been selected to ensure the topics covered in PA-CRP represents the professional knowledge and competences required by risk and insurance managers in today’s dynamic and complex world.

PARIMA is the Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association. It is a not for profit professional association dedicated to develop risk management as a profession and provide a platform for Risk & Insurance managers to connect. PARIMA continually seeks to develop education opportunities for Risk Managers across the Asia-Pacific region. Through the PA-CRP Programme, PARIMA aims to strengthen and enhance the culture of risk management in the region and help Risk Managers match global standards and compete internationally.

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance is the leading membership, education, training and professional development organisation for the insurance and finance industry in the Asia-Pacific region. In it's collaboration with PARIMA, ANZIIF will provide essential training for Risk Managers to take their knowledge and skills in Risk Management to the next level and reinforce their company’s and individual credentials.