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In order to retain their certification, PA-CRP title holders must apply for the CPD annually. CPD ensures that the PA-CRP –designated Risk Professional stays updated on the latest risk management trends and strategies.

As our community, industry and markets are constantly changing, continuous education and development is what will distinguish PA-CRP holders and raise the standards in our profession.

In choosing to apply for the CPD every year, you demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the certification and the risk management profession.
You should maintain copies of your CPD documents and activities throughout the one year period. You can then submit this documentation via your ANZIIF learning portal along with your CPD application.

The PA-CRP Programme employs a points system to qualify for the CPD, as shown below. To qualify for the CPD, the PA-CRP holder must accomplish 25 CPD points and pay the CPD fee of 100USD for members and 200USD for non-members.

ItemsPoint Equivalent
Attendance at a PARIMA Regional Conferences10pts
Participation in Lloyd's-PARIMA Professional Development Programme10pts
Participation in WTW-PARIMA Risk Lab Series10pts
Attendance to PARIMA Endorsed events2 points/event
Speaker / Presenter at any risk-related external conference (e.g. conference, seminar, workshop etc.)3 points
Teaching risk management-related units in a postsecondary education institution5 points per course
(capped at 15 points per calendar year)
Authoring risk management-related publications/articles15pts/textbook (if sole author)
8pts/textbook (if collaboration)
2pts/article contributed 2pts/video
2pts/published interview
Board member or equvialent in a risk related not for profit organisation/trade or professional association5 points/year

Risk management functions/activities could be but not limited to the following:

  • Assurance (Internal/External Audit)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Financial Risk Management Human Resource
  • Risk Management Insurance
  • Risk Management Regulartory / Legal
  • Compliance Risk Governance Strategic Risk Managment (SRM)
  • Business continuity / Disaster Planning
  • Claims Management
    Crisis Management Compliance
    Management (Regulatory)
    Litigation Management
  • Alternative Risk Tranfer / Captives Insurance Purchase