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PA-CRP Requirements

PA-CRP is a certification that is also accompanied with candidates accepting the eligibility criteria as well as Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics. This sets an expectation on the quality of work and integrity the risk profession rightly requires.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    PA-CRP Candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements for education, work experience, character reference and identification. All documentation (proof of education, experience verification, and identification) must be received for successful approval of application.

  • Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics

    All candidates also agree to uphold and abide by the Code as a requirement for earning and maintaining certification. The PA-CRP Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics is based on the standards of integrity, objectivity, competence, and professionalism.

Education & Work Experience Requirements

For Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) Holder

3 years of full-time work experience in risk management

For Non-degree holders

5 years of full-time work experience in risk management

PA-CRP is open to active corporate risk practitioners. Work experience includes recognition of risk, risk assessment,  developing strategies to manage it, and mitigation of risk using managerial resources. Risk responsibilities include Enterprise risk Management, Corporate governance, regulatory risks, operational risk, business continuity, IT and security risk, Technology risks, market and credit risks, risk financing, Corporate insurance and employee benefits. Internships count toward risk management experience.

Documents to Submit

Identification Document

Candidates must provide proof of identification in the form of a copy of the candidate’s official passport or national identity card. These must indicate current status; expired documents will not be accepted. Please ensure the documents and photo is clearly legible.

Proof of Highest Education

For Bachelor degree or higher holder, a copy of your degree or certificate with a university stamp. For non-degree holders, a copy of your highest education level certificate.


Please submit a copy of your latest resume/ CV as part of your application.

Internships do count towards risk management experience.

Work Experience Verification Form

A completed work experience verification form is required to assess level of risk experience. Please submit the form below.

Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics

A signed and completed code of Professional Conduct & Ethics form needs to be submitted together with a character reference.

Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics

Fundamental principles


Commits to being straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships


Strives to not allow bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others to compromise professional judgments.


Maintains knowledge and skills in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards


Respects the confidentiality of information acquired as a result of professional and business relationships

Professional Behavior

Complies with relevant laws and regulations and avoids actions that discredits the profession.