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The PA-CRP Programme is a collaboration between PARIMA, an organization built by well-experienced risk professionals and experts, and ANZIIF, a non-profit professional development organisation providing insurance and finance education and training since 1884. As such, we assure you that what we offer through the PA-CRP program are proven and tested strategies used by effective risk management professionals, not to mention the ways we make it easy for busy professionals to add to their schedules a continuing professional education through our student support services

The Programme is designed specifically for Risk Managers in the Asia-Pacific region. PARIMA also has a wide regional presence in this region, and being certified by PARIMA would also mean being recognized regionally as a Certified Risk Professional. Furthermore, we are recognized as Asia's representative for IFIRMA, THE international umbrella organization for risk management associations, which would also mean international recognition for you.

Other than that, the PA-CRP Programme is also:


PA-CRP is created by risk professionals in Asia Pacific for the risks relevant to this region. We use Asia Pacific case studies and the syllabus is crafted based on what risk managers in the region are most concerned with.


The syllabus comprises a holistic range of risk management activities that goes beyond ERM. It also touches on risk financing and risk treatment. We believe that the syllabus encompasses what the risk managers of today need to be equipped with.


PA-CRP comes with online training courses for each of the 5 modules, should the candidate wish to practice. We ensure that you will be equipped with the tools and training needed to successfully complete the PA-CRP.